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BathWe can design and install the perfect bath for you. We offer custom designed bathrooms that are one of a kind. We can turn your "Plain Jane" bathroom into a room you'll never want to leave. If you are looking for that "Calgon, Take Me Away" moment, we can make it happen.

Bath moment is one of the few times you spend for yourself. It must be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. But how can that be possible if one look at the bathroom makes you feel so stressed? Improving the bath is necessary. It doesn't really matter whether it will be the simplest or the most extravagant bathroom remodeling. What matters in the end is to transform the stressful room into a de-stressing haven.

Bath Remodel Benefits

Only you can understand the real reason why you want to remodel the bathroom. Maybe it's because all of your friends have fancy-looking bathroom while you got a plain, old, and ugly one. Or maybe it's because you want to create a paradise where you can experience peace for an hour or two while enjoying a warm bath.

Whatever the reason is, you surely can reap all the benefits of bathroom remodeling. First on the list is improving its functionality. It can be about widening the shower area, separating the toilet area, or adding more storage cabinets in the room.

Another benefit is improving comfort, which can be achieved by installing more heaters, having a steamer, changing to a bigger bath tub, or installing a medicine cabinet with outlets for electric toothbrush or hair dryer.

But nowadays, bathroom remodeling is mostly done for entertainment. Many of our bathroom remodel projects in Columbus, Powell, Westerville, as well as other Ohio cities have this as one of the main purposes. They want to be entertained while relaxing in the bath. We do this by installing a flat-screen TV or adding a stereo speaker inside. Some homes in Lewis Center, Hilliard, and Worthington change lighting inside the bathroom for a more relaxing ambiance. Adding special areas for scented candles and burners is fast becoming the trend, too.

To top all these, a bathroom remodel is a wise investment for increasing a home's market value. Not to mention the dramatic aesthetic changes for the place.

Planning the Bathroom Remodel

As you can see, bathroom remodeling will bring more benefits than what most homeowners have imagined. But to make this transition a success, planning must be carefully done. At Citizen Construction Group, we ask our clients about their main goal for the bathroom remodel project. We'll start the planning by keeping this goal in mind. No worries whatever your goal is. We have satisfied clients with different goals in mind with our more than 100 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry.

Your personal preferences must also be taken into consideration. The current bathroom will also affect the renovation possibilities and limitations. We will look closely into the bath's present condition so we can provide the most practical recommendations.

Budget also plays a very important role in any renovation project. The usual estimates in home improvement guides are typically exaggerated. The good news is, bathroom remodel doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Our company is a leader in home improvement needs in Ohio. We have been working with the most reputable suppliers in the market. We encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss about your bathroom remodeling desires as well as some of your concerns. Practicality and style will have a beautiful fusion with our skilled and experienced team.

Are you ready for a new bath experience? Contact us today and let's talk about turning a Plain Jane bath into your favorite relaxation haven.

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