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FencingA fence is an important necessity to add to your property , and provides everything from security and landscape enhancement, to added value to your home. Let CCG turn your dreams into reality.

People started fencing to set their land's boundaries. Today, people have many other reasons to add fences to homes. Most residents in Ohio, for example, add fence primarily to enjoy a classic, country-feel to their homes. Fences can be made out of wood, concrete, wire, steel, and other materials. They can also be as short as a foot to as long as 10 feet. The final look of fences depends largely on the purpose.

Main Fencing Purposes

Today, there are still areas that do fence installation to mark properties. After all, you can only put a fence within your property line. Fencing is also done for protection. It can keep young children and pets within the yard. The same purpose applies when installing fences around the pool. They hinder them from going out and into the pool without an adult's supervision. Fences in these cases are usually short and wide.

In other cases, fences are installed not to keep those from the inside from going out, but to keep those from the outside from going in. This is ideal in areas where trespassing pets, animals, and burglars are common. Fences will serve for your protection. That's why they have to be tall and solid.

Fencing is also applied on a landscape to protect young and vulnerable plants from potential damages while in their most fragile stage. Fences are also beautiful addition to divide the flower bed from vegetable and fruit bed. Sometimes, the wooden fence serves as a small retaining wall for elevated plant beds.

Whatever the main purpose is, fencing can always affect the overall appearance of your home. This effect can be good or bad depending on the choice of materials.

Wood vs Other Fence Installation Materials

Fence installation has always been related to wood. The first fences in history are made out of wood. The most welcoming fences in Cincinnati, Grove City, Canal Winchester, Marysville, Bexley, and other Ohio cities are also made out of wood. No wonder why when the talk is about fencing, wood is always the material in mind.

Why not? Wood is strong enough to withstand the harshest weather and can be made into any width, thickness, or length. It can even be made into intricate shapes for that added elegance. Best of all, wood is easily painted with whatever color you want.

Concrete is also as flexible and beautiful as wood for fencing. Concrete fencing is a good choice if privacy is of utmost importance. Stones, rails, and wrought irons are also popular alternatives. Concrete and these alternatives may better at some points. But they can never provide the classic look of wooden fences.

Fence Installation by Experienced Construction Company

Besides your main purpose and style preference, local Ohio laws must also be taken into consideration during fence installation. Don't worry about the local laws because Citizen Construction Group has got that covered.

With our more than three decades in the industry, it wouldn't be a surprise if we already have memorized the rules in every part of Heath, Newark, Buckeye Lake, Pataskala, Plain City, and the rest of Ohio. We can do fence installation by taking into consideration all these rules. That way, you will have nothing to worry about.

Call us today and let's start planning the type of fences most suited to your Ohio home and how it can help you achieve peace of mind while improving your home's outdoor look.

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