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Windows/DoorsWe install windows and pride ourselves on outstanding service. When it's time to replace the windows or doors in your house, call us for the best service around. We work around your schedule to meet your needs. The expert staff at CCG will work with you to provide the very best in quality product and workmanship. We are honest and reliable. We are Ohio proud and try to use Ohio-made products whenever possible.

Windows and doors are hardly noticed until they need replacement. At this point, many Ohioans realize that these are not simply ventilation or access points to homes, but also important aesthetic elements. So when replacement windows or doors are necessary, also take into consideration how they will look on the entire area. There are lots of available designs that getting something stylish will never compromise function.

Why Replace Windows or Doors?

Many of our clients in Sunbury, Alexandria, Buckeye Lake, Granville, London, New Albany, and other Ohio areas would think about replacement windows and doors when what they have is totally irreparable. But you may also consider replacing windows and doors if your electricity bill is unusually high. Air conditioners have to work harder if the coolness or warmth can easily escape, leading to higher electricity bill.

Replacement is also a must if they are difficult to open or close. Something is prohibiting the doors or windows from traversing properly. In this case, it is critical to replace doors or windows immediately because your safety is already at stake.

Changing them is best, too, if they are too old for a new paint or impossible for repair. Just change them when they need changing. Windows and door replacement is the simplest way to instantly improve the overall aesthetics appeal of your home and at the same time increase the real estate's market value.

Options on Replacement Windows

Windows come in different types and each of these has their pros and cons. We will help you decide which type is best for your purpose, security, and the room. Awning windows are the best choice for bedrooms, the attic, or basement because they can let more breeze and light. Hopper windows are also great for basements.

Casement windows can also let in breeze and fresh air. Plus they can be tightly sealed for better energy savings. The double hung windows are similar to casement, only that they are divided into two. One of these can be opened up for easier access and ventilation, which makes them ideal for the kitchen and offices.

Picture windows are perfect for dark rooms that need no ventilation improvement. They remain closed and usually installed high. These are directly opposite the bay windows, which have multiple views. These multi-views permit more light and breeze to come in from different angles. They also have peaceful and elegant appeal, making them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Choices on Replacement Doors

Replacement doors also come in wide varieties. The most common type is perhaps the flush door and panel door. The flush door is typically lighter and smaller while the panel door is the usual solid door. Both of these are not just "common" varieties because they can be molded into different shapes, textures, and styles that will definitely compliment any home.

Framed ledge or the brace doors are unique because they slide to the side, just like the ancient Japanese doors. Never forget the classy glass doors. These were once only used in the bathroom. But today, they make up a wall of transparent doors. This is the perfect choice if you want to exploit the beautiful scenes in Dublin, Granville, Dayton, Cincinnati, Grove City, and the rest of Ohio areas.

Call us right away if you need replacement windows or doors. We have been improving homes in Ohio since 1979, making us one of the best in the industry. Our team definitely knows how to please clients. With us, you'll get not only functional, but also perfectly elegant windows and doors.

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