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SunroomsAre you looking to create that perfect getaway room in your home? Or are you a sports buff like me and want to create the perfect man cave? Either way, if you dream it we can make it happen.

Sunrooms became an important part of almost if not all residences in the state of Ohio. In general, Ohio has a humid continental climate which could reach more than 40 degrees centigrade. Given such condition, wouldn't you want a sunroom specially added as an extension to your living room where you could entertain your visitors?

What are Sunrooms?

Sunrooms are popular in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. British calls it a conservatory but it is also known for its other names like patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida room. Whatever you may call it, sunrooms are often times referred to as that part of the house where - some have a transparent roof, some an opaque one, and is usually located at the side of the house where instead of keeping residents exposed to weather conditions, is an enclosed structure, thus it's called a room.

What is a Perfect Sunroom?

If you are comfortable with the structure, design and you feel the coziness and comfort anybody should feel while relaxing - then perhaps your sunroom is perfect. However, aside from functionality and aesthetics, your sunroom should also be structurally sound. Below are some of our tips for you to consider as when building sunrooms:

  1. Sunrooms must be constructed using aluminum frames or woods that are resistant to decay and the same time could hold glass panels.
  2. Glazing your sunrooms with single glass panes may be used but in order to keep the extreme heat from outside and the cold weather as well, double-glass panes are oftentimes suggested.
  3. The foundation of your sunrooms is of utmost importance, thus an experienced builder and/or contractor is a must, as they know what measures to take for better stability.
  4. Roofing of your sunroom may include skylight openings or if you prefer all-glass sunrooms, roofing must be properly framed for the appropriate size, spacing and insulation.
  5. Walls are of prime consideration as they are part of the stability and comfort you would want to experience while relaxing in your new room addition. Walls may either be a mixture of glass with PVC, wood, or aluminum. Insulation is also an important component.
  6. Windows play an important role in your sunroom. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. There are windows made of wood, vinyl, aluminum or clad.
  7. Consider your skylight openings, if you opt to have one. It can either be fixed, vented or in combination.

Commissioning Your Sunroom Construction

In order to achieve the perfect sunroom you have in mind, hiring an expert contractor for sunrooms is a must. Citizen Construction Group has been in the industry since 1979 and as such, we pride ourselves of quality work and exceptional customer service.

Besides being an Ohio company, we also are experts in our field. From conception to implementation down to the last screw, we do our jobs with perfection. With office locations in Columbus and Newark, we are able to service homeowners in Powell, Westerville, Lewis Center, New Albany, Hilliard and Worthington. We also have clients at West Jefferson, Reynoldsburg, Grove City and of course Cincinnati. We are happy that majority of our clients are extremely satisfied not only with our workmanship but also with our friendly and approachable people with whom you could talk with and ask for assistance.

Call us up and inquire for a no-cost estimate sunrooms of your dreams. You won't regret that you have commissioned Citizen Construction Group for your new room additions.

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