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Commercial Power Washing

Our Industrial Power Washing Equipment is designed to force hot water, between 220-300 Degrees, at a steady pressure of 3000-6000psi (pounds per square inch). Such a combination of extreme temperature and pressure along with the proper techniques, are the key factors to removing dirt, soil, debris, chewing gum, winter salt, mold and bacteria from the surface of the concrete. All of the aforementioned are carried into your establishment by the patrons and employees who enter everyday! The positive outcome from powerwashing is to reduce the amount of bacteria and pollutants carried into your tenant's business establishment or into your renter's apartment, condo or home. Winter salt, ice and snow are detrimental to concrete surfaces. Over a period of time, the concrete will deteriorate and will need to be jack-hammered out and replaced. Surface Cleaning Solutions, powered by Citizen Construction Group, offers a preventative maintenance program which will extend the life of the concrete. It is simple, just two power washing applications per season and the property will be clean, sanitized and inviting to patrons and tenants at a fraction of the cost that it would take to replace the concrete! Would you rather pay 10 CENTS a square foot or 10 DOLLARS a square foot? That is the true consideration!

Commercial Property Managers can expect the following:

  • Cost Effective Maintenance Program.
  • Complimentary Exterior Window Washing.
  • Enhanced Image to Community.
  • Unspoken "Code of Conduct" Raised.
  • Customer Traffic is NOT compromised, as work is done at NIGHT, after the Shopping Plaza is closed to the Public.
  • Chemicals Applied are Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable.
  • OPTIONAL SERVICE: Power Washing UNDER and AROUND the Dumpster Area. This can help minimize rodent and other infestations.

Commercial Property Brokers can expect the following:

  • Enhanced Image of the Property to the prospective buyer.
  • Increased "curb appeal' over competitors properties for sale.
  • Provides an edge necessary to receive full-asking price.
  • At 10 CENTS per square foot this becomes a minimal investment when selling a Plaza, Office or Multi-Unit Complex.